Sunday, 29 December 2013

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Ultimate Betrayal Cover Reveal by Lacey Leigh

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The Ultimate Betrayal by Lacey Leigh
Genre: Fantasy: Medieval Fairytale

About The Ultimate Betrayal:
Rainey lived with her father (Martin Tucker) and sister (Mariah Tucker) in a small podunk town in Alabama known as Covington. Her mother was killed in a horrific car accident when she was seven years old.

Rainey was in love with a wonderful man that treats her with respect and kindness. Everyone including her father was against their relationship at first because of the age difference between them. They were happy together until she moved away to college. The case concerning her mother’s murder was reopened, and she was betrayed by the people she should have been able to trust above anyone else.

Does Rainey and Jake’s relationship survive all the pain and hurt that they are destined to endure? Will her mother’s murder be solved? Will their love overcome…
Source: Info in the About The Ultimate Betrayal was from on 29/12/13.

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